Dec 4, 2010

WIN BY DEFAULT - 1st excerpt

First excerpt, I'll post a sexy one later,  just getting started.



After waiting for another half hour, with still no sign of Windsor, Richard had insisted that they have lunch without the agent. He knew Jason's mind was running wild with imagined dangers to his absent lover, but he was determined to keep the boy near him, in case Jason was right. His son was closer to Devon than anyone else, and McCormack couldn't discount the natural instinct that warned him if Windsor was, indeed, in any kind of danger, Jason would be the one to sense it first. Unfortunately, there was nothing remotely reassuring about that particular admission.

"Maybe I should just go home and wait for him?" Jason said, his voice distant as he watched another stranger walk through the doors. He turned serious eyes to his father and shrugged a little as he smiled. "I have to do some studying anyway."

Richard could well imagine how much studying would get done. He was about to suggest that they spend the rest of the afternoon together, when Mike Johnson's unexpected entrance distracted him. A single glance told him the young agent was thoroughly annoyed about something, and McCormack made the assumption that it was Agency related -- it usually was when Mike strode in looking like an oncoming storm. Johnson spotted them, and headed toward the table.

"Where's Windsor?"

Jason looked up at him, confusion flickering across his features. "Have you seen him?"

"About twenty minutes ago. He said he was on his way over here."  Mike looked from one puzzled expression to the other. "The Beretta's parked outside, I figured he was in here."

Jason didn't wait for further conversation; he rose and was gone in a rush of movement. McCormack and Johnson trailed quickly after him.

                                                                             * * *

Jason made it onto the sidewalk and looked around, his eyes searching for the unmistakable scarlet car. His heart was racing and he closed his eyes for a second, then did another, slower scan of the cars lining the street. He spotted the Beretta on the opposite side, a few doors up from O'Reilly's. Relief made his shoulders slump, then he headed for the street. He was about to step onto the crowded, busy road when he heard the Beretta's engine purr to life. He froze, his eyes moving automatically to the car as he wondered in that split second why Devon was leaving.

He heard the sound an instant too late. Jason's ears, so attuned to music and nuance of tone, caught the difference in the sound of the car's engine. The explosion rocked the street and he stared in horror as the gleaming red car went up in a roar of noise and flames. Seconds that felt like an eternity held him transfixed, paralyzed on the sidewalk as the rush of heat rippled in the air around the destroyed vehicle. All his mind would pull in was the fleeting image of Windsor in the car before it went up.

Hello darlings....

Welcome to my playground. I'm just getting started, and have just signed my first book contract, which I am very, very excited about. My new publisher is Evolutionary Publishing and they're bravely breaking ground with my M/M novel Win By Default. I will post a couple of "temptations" for you and the gorgeous, smokin' hot cover for this novel, very soon.

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