Dec 4, 2010

Hello darlings....

Welcome to my playground. I'm just getting started, and have just signed my first book contract, which I am very, very excited about. My new publisher is Evolutionary Publishing and they're bravely breaking ground with my M/M novel Win By Default. I will post a couple of "temptations" for you and the gorgeous, smokin' hot cover for this novel, very soon.

Thank you for visiting me here. Feel free to comment, or email me, anytime.


  1. What a tremendous cover. Sounds like a terrifically thrilling read. Can't wait.

  2. Thank you so much, lovely Brigit. Nice to meet you!!

  3. The cover is really striking.

    I am a newbie as well. I cannot wait to read it...

    Welcome to the XOXO family. They are awesome! :)

    Rawiya/Michael Mandrake